During the Studio 1 Modeling Photography experience, your assigned makeup artist will go through a series of different makeup looks. Typically, you will have photos taken with different lighting, in front of different backdrops, in different outfits, hairstyles, as well as photography indoors and outdoors. Depending on how our team feels they can best create photos to show off your assets, they will likely choose to create a range of makeup styles during your day of shooting.


Showing a variety of looks

While you may not typically wear your makeup the same way that our MUA’s create your looks, it is important to show potential brands and marketing professionals different ways you can portray their brand. Light makeup, moderate makeup, even heavier makeup may be what agencies are looking for.

Enhancing Features

Makeup helps to enhance the natural features of the model's face, making them more prominent and defined. This can include highlighting cheekbones, defining eyebrows, and accentuating eyes and lips, which can all contribute to a more striking appearance in photographs.

Evening Out Skin Tone

Makeup can help to even out skin tone, covering any blemishes, redness, or unevenness. This creates a smooth canvas for the camera and ensures that the model's skin looks flawless in photographs.

Controlling Shine

Makeup can help to control shine, especially under bright lights. By using products that reduce shine, such as matte foundations and setting powders, the model's skin will appear more matte and less oily in photos.

Photography Effects

Makeup is often used to create specific effects that are more pronounced in photographs. This can include contouring and highlighting to create depth and dimension, as well as using bold colors to create a dramatic look that translates well on camera.

Completing the Look

Makeup is an essential part of completing the overall look of the shoot. It helps to complement the styling, hair, and concept of the shoot, tying everything together for a cohesive and polished final result.

During your photography session, our team will create a custom curated makeup regiment based on you. The clothes you brought, your natural colors and strengths, facial shape and structure, and much more. The process is collaborative, so feel free to share as much or as little as you would like with your makeup photography specialist. Every one of our models ends up having fantastic photos taken, helping them succeed in the industry.