Our clients tell us daily about their positive experiences with Studio 1, our professional staff, and how they are able to further their careers with the photos and tools we provide them with. Find below some of our recent client reviews!

Anitha L

“This was the most amazing
experience ever! The beauty makeover
was great but the
people made it epic!”

Jacob W

“I enjoyed myself! From the makeup artist to the photographer, everything was professional the whole way through. I am very satisfied with my visit today!”

Jennifer L

“I had a lot of fun! The staff were all wonderful-very friendly and professional! Thank you for the experience!”

Sophia D

“This was so much fun! I enjoyed the whole experience. The staff was so helpful and
Todd was a great photographer and made me feel really comfortable while taking the photos!”

Dayana S

“Great experience-the whole team was very professional! I hope to bring my mom
here to have the same experience. We felt like a star! Thank you so much to Todd for his
guidance during the photoshoot!”

Kristina G

Would Like to start off by saying these are a trustworthy and professional company that not only provide a fun experience on the day of shooting but they also provide a very helpful support service after the Photoshoot!”

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