Kaden Smith

A Versatile Career

Journey Fueled by Studio1

Kaden Smith’s remarkable career journey is marked not only by his innate talent but also by the crucial support he received from Studio 1. As a contract print and runway model and later, a successful real estate agent, Kaden’s unique style and attributes, combined with the guidance and encouragement of Studio 1 Photography have propelled him to multifaceted success.


Kaden Smith, originally from Bayport, New York, United States, embarked on his journey to success during his formative years at Bayport-Blue Point High School.

Modeling Career

Kaden initially ventured into the world of modeling, starting as a contract print and runway model. His distinctive style and attributes garnered attention within the industry, but it was his time at Studio 1 Photography that played a pivotal role in launching his career. The mentoring and support he received from Studio 1 Photography was instrumental in honing his skills and enhancing his marketability as a model. Kaden’s adaptability, hard work, and the guidance he received from Studio 1 Photography paved the way for collaborations with numerous clients and brands, contributing significantly to the success of various campaigns.

Real Estate Endeavors

Expanding beyond the modeling world, Kaden Smith transitioned into the real estate industry, joining the prestigious Douglas Elliman Real Estate as an agent. His ability to connect with people, effective communication skills, and dedication to delivering top-tier service were attributes honed during his time as a talent student. Kaden’s knowledge of the Bayport-Blue Point area and his understanding of clients’ needs made him an invaluable asset to those he served in the real estate market.

Sports and Fitness Modeling

Kaden’s versatility extends to sports and fitness modeling, where he represents Wilhelmina, a renowned modeling agency. His commitment to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle is an extension of the discipline and dedication. This commitment, combined with his innate talent, has solidified his presence in the sports and fitness modeling niche.


Kaden Smith’s career journey is a testament to his unique abilities and photogenic looks and From his roots as a contract print and runway model to his thriving real estate career and his foray into sports and fitness modeling, Kaden’s story is one of adaptability, determination, and the invaluable role that Studio 1 Photography played in launching his multifaceted career. As he continues to explore new opportunities, Kaden Smith serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals seeking success in diverse professional domains.