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Marie McMorris

Marie on getting the opportunity to walk as a runway model in the Miramar International Art & Fashion Show
Introducing a true luminary in the world of fashion, Studio 1 proudly presents Marie Joan McMorris, a captivating Fashion Model who effortlessly transitions from the shadows of behind-the-scenes to the radiant center stage.

Marie is a seasoned International Business Development & Change Management consultant. She brought her wealth of experience as a Film & Television Producer to Studio 1 for a photo shoot. Her career (so far) has been marked by academic excellence, graduating with honors from the University of Miami with a BSC in Communications. Notably, she made history as the first black female recipient of the Director’s Award at the University. Beyond her academic achievements, Marie’s career has been a tapestry of success. She has held prestigious roles, including Vice President of Women in Film & Television, Jamaica, and General Manager for the RJR Gleaner Communications Group’s Cable Division (RETV, JNN). Her influence extended to the helm of the Bob Marley Foundation for over a decade. She has also served as the Executive In Charge of Production for the US-based media conglomerate Hearst Entertainment and Syndication, spearheading the launch of a television channel inspired by the iconic magazine Cosmopolitan.

She currently holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Business Development for one of the Marley families product businesses. We are extremely proud of Marie and are happy to have had to opportunity to help her grow!


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Studio 1 is elated to have collaborated with Marie Joan McMorris, and as she gracefully emerges into the spotlight, we eagerly anticipate her continued ascent to greatness. Marie has been a captivating presence in the industry since 2020 and most recently graced the runway as a Model at the prestigious Miramar International Fashion Show 2023, held in December 2023. Stay connected with her remarkable journey through her Facebook profile: Marie Joan McMorris, and explore her impressive portfolio on her Reel: Check it out here!