Welcome to Studio 1, where we provide professional and exclusive model portfolio studio services in South Florida. Our creative team specializes in offering top-notch photo studios for talented individuals and models. Discover the perfect space to showcase your skills and talents. Join us at Studio 1 and let’s capture your unique beauty together.

Studio 1 is a leading photo studio offering high-quality services for talent and models in South Florida, Dallas, Houston, New York, and Atlanta. With over 75 creatives and top-notch photographers, make-up artists, and stylists, we provide exceptional model portfolios to help aspiring talent break into the industry. Our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring that each image produced meets the highest standards. Alongside portfolios, we also offer E-folios and z-cards for self-promotion. Choose Studio 1 for a professional, creative, and exclusive experience in the world of modeling.

List of Features

  • Top-quality portfolios for aspiring models.
  • Highly skilled team of industry professionals.
  • Multiple studios across major US cities.
  • Established and trusted brand.
  • Cutting-edge equipment and technology.

“Unlock Your Potential with Studio 1 -
Let’s Capture Your Success Together!”

At Studio 1, we’re here to help you showcase your talent and enhance your modeling career with our top-notch Photo Studios for Talent and Models. Our team of professional photographers and creative professionals are dedicated to capturing your unique essence and creating stunning portfolios that will make you stand out in the industry. With our exclusive studio spaces and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide the perfect environment for you to shine and express yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned model looking to update your portfolio or a budding talent just starting out, Studio 1 is your go-to destination in South Florida. Let us help you make a lasting impression and take your modeling journey to new heights.
At Studio 1, we are passionate about helping aspiring models and talent break into the industry. With over 75 talented creatives across our five studios in South Florida, Dallas, Houston, New York, and Atlanta, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service. Our team consists of some of the best photographers, make-up artists, and stylists in the industry, ensuring that you receive top-notch results. What sets us apart is our 15 years of trading experience and success in the UK, where we have four studios and 120 staff members. Our commitment to professionalism, creativity, and exclusivity shines through in the high standard images we produce, as well as the personalized websites and z-cards we provide for self-promotion. Choose Studio 1 for a comprehensive and exceptional experience in the world of modeling and talent.


Studio 1 offers a variety of services to help create successful models. To start we create beautiful modeling photography, build portfolios, create digital and physical Z cards for models to present at auditions. In addition we help teach models how to behave in front of a camera, to interact with makeup artists and hair stylists to look their best. We then advise our clients how to use these tools to promote themselves in the industry.

We have studios around the world, however our South Florida, Broward and Miami region is located in Parkland, FL.

The owners of Studio 1 have been providing modeling and talent support services for over 20 years. Each Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Fashion expert and staff member involved has been personally vetted by our fantastic team of experts who has seen how to be successful in the ever changing modeling landscape.

We invite you to learn more about the process here in our South Florida location CLICK HERE. In addition, we have customers signed to modeling agencies and booking gigs almost daily! CLICK HERE to see some examples of our success stories.

Studio 1 and every staff person on our team strives to help our customers look, act, and feel at the top of their game. We work to show off our customer’s best assets, and give them the tools necessary to become a model, actor, or further their professional career how they wish.

Embracing South Florida's Vibrancy: Local Highlights and Attractions

South Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and diverse culture. With its warm climate and stunning coastal views, it attracts tourists from around the world. The region offers a variety of recreational activities, including water sports, golfing, and fishing. South Florida is also home to a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries and museums. Its culinary scene is diverse, offering a fusion of flavors from around the world. Overall, South Florida is a tropical paradise with something for everyone.

Our Signature Service: Creating Models in South Florida

Professional Photo Studios for Talent and Models

At Studio 1, we pride ourselves on being a professional and renowned photo studio, catering to the needs of talented individuals and aspiring models. With our extensive experience and success in the industry, we have expanded our operations to South Florida, bringing our expertise and exceptional services to this vibrant location.