Ivana Trisic Relic

Studio 1 had the distinct pleasure of joining forces with Ivana Trisic Relic, an exceptional talent who brought not just her beauty but also her charm, poise, and unmatched professionalism to our studio. This case study shines a spotlight on Ivana’s remarkable journey, transitioning from a beauty queen to a thriving international lawyer, TV presenter, and advocate. Her time at Studio 1 was a true spectacle, where her adaptability, grace, and unwavering dedication to her craft set the stage on fire.

Ivana Trisic Relic, the former Miss Serbia, graced Studio 1 with her presence and left us all spechless. Standing at a statuesque 5 feet 10 inches, her radiant beauty was not the only thing that caught our attention. She arrived knowing exactly what she wanted, which outfits to wear, makeup and hair preferences. Our stylists worked with her to help accentuate her body type, and paint a vivid picture of her professionalism.

A Studio 1 Starlight Experience

Ivana's journey is nothing short of an inspiration. From her origins as a beauty queen to her current roles as an international lawyer, TV presenter, and advocate, her path reflects unwavering determination and continuous growth. At Studio 1, we were privileged to witness her elegance in motion, gracefully transitioning from frame to frame, leaving us spellbound by her multifaceted talents.

An Inspirational Odyssey

Ivana's commitment to making a positive impact on society extends beyond her professional accomplishments. Her involvement in charitable work, including support for breast cancer research and dedication to children with special needs, underscores her compassionate spirit.

A Heartfelt Touch

The positivity she brought to her photo shoot not only elevated our studio and staff, but inspired us with her charisma, and commitment to her craft. Ivana is more than just a model; she's a consummate professional who knows herself inside and out, bringing a unique positivity to every corner she graces.

Charisma & Positivity

Working with Ivana helped show us how one model’s remarkable talents and determination can make a lasting impact on the world. Her time at Studio 1 was a phenomenal experience that left us deeply impressed by her elegance, grace, and her capacity to light up any space she enters. As we look forward to witnessing Ivana’s continued success, we consider ourselves immensely fortunate to have had the privilege of helping build the portfolio for such an extraordinary talent. Studio 1 continues to advise and extend our warmest wishes for her future successes.