Female Models


Your modeling potential is based on purely your look or style, and there are many different avenues of modeling that suit different people, but there are still some key things that are sought after in models.

A professionally produced portfolio that emphasises all of your best features is one of the most important assets you can have in your arsenal. Of course, often this is all companies see before deciding who they want to meet in person, so it can’t be understated just how important this is.


There have never been more options for models in the industry for everything from Classic models to Catalogue models. This means that there are a lot more opportunities for models to win work and they typically all attract a different style and look, so as one door closes another opens.

Studio 1’s guidance is essential in this area, helping you understand which of these niches to explore based on your potential in those areas, giving you the best chance at success.


Don’t be fooled into thinking looks are everything when it comes to winning jobs.

You need to work with stylists, producers, photographers and many other people when working on a shoot, so being an easy person to get along with is a huge bonus. This personality will also
help swing the favour toward you when it’s a dead-heat between applicants.

Professional modeling photography with the Studio 1 team will capture your outer beauty, as well as celebrate your inner radiance and unique essence. Through the lens of our skilled aesthetic staff and photographers, your elegance, confidence, and charm can be shown off to the world, not only showcasing your physical allure but also convey your strength and grace. These photographs serve as a testament to your individuality, experience, and possibilities capturing moments of poise and authenticity that reflect your journey and aspirations. Modeling photography offers an opportunity for self-expression and exploration, allowing you to embrace different personas, styles, and moods while collaborating with experts who understand the art of visual storytelling. With every click of the shutter, you’re not just creating photographs; you’re crafting a narrative of beauty, confidence, and self-assurance that will help you be the best version of yourself possible.