The correct way to apply your mascara

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The look of the face as well as its general appearance may be substantially improved by using a high-quality mascara. But it is absolutely necessary to know how to apply it correctly in order to provide the appearance of larger, more well-rested eyes.

In order to get the most out of your mascara, make sure to follow these recommendations:

The curler is an essential piece of equipment for creating the appearance of lashes that are more curled. It is really crucial to use it before the mascara, as the lashes might become brittle or fragile if you use the mascara later.

Position the brush so that it is horizontal, and then apply the product to your top lashes using zigzag motions, working from the base to the tip.

When applying makeup to the lower lashes, set the brush in a vertical position. To prevent the appearance of being overdone, apply only a tiny quantity of product to the roots.

Brushes that are both thick and curled create a greater appearance of volume and thickness in the lashes. Fine brushes create a more realistic effect.

Take care not to overuse it. The application of merely two layers is sufficient.

It is important to keep in mind that you should not pump the brush into the container since doing so will allow air to enter, which will cause clumps to develop when the product is applied.

Never leave the house without first putting mascara on your lashes!


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