No Makeup: how to look natural

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If you prefer to look as natural as possible, the “no makeup” technique is for you.

This trend strives to use makeup in a subtle way that makes it seem as if you are wearing none, it is ideal for formal events and works with every outfit.

How does it work? Follow these tips:

  • Skin care is the most important part to achieving this look so make sure your face is well hydrated before starting.
  • The base must be as light as possible and the color as close to your skin as you can get it.
  • Use light concealer for your eyebags.
  • Brush your eyebrows and apply transparent gel.
  • Don’t use any eyeliner, choose light mascara for your lashes to make them longer but avoid adding any volume.
  • Apply a liquid or cream blush on your cheeks, make sure it is a peach or light pink color
  • For your lips, use only gloss or a light colored balm.

Join this trend and make your natural beauty shine!


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