If you’re brave, think about wearing only white.

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White is a timeless color that always works in the summer. With this outfit, you’ll be able to show off your sense of style while also looking more youthful and enhancing your tan.

Wearing “all white,” which may seem like a challenging color to pull off, will make you appear fashionable and smart:


  • Pick clothing with crisp lines and precise cutting.
  • Because there are several shades of white, keep your appearance consistent (eggshell, off-white, ivory).
  • To avoid being seen, avoid wearing colorful underwear. Put on undergarments that go well with your skin tone.
  • If you play with textures, a knit t-shirt looks great with linen or denim pants.
  • Wearing clothing with appliques, sparkles, or embroidered details helps break up the monotony.
  • Finish off by using metallic touches. Both silver and gold appear gorgeous when paired with white.
  • If you are negligent, any stains will stick out, so make sure your shoes and apparel are pristine.


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