How to Become a Runway Model

Most of us in the industry have watched a handful of runway shows. Watching the models grace the catwalk with poise and elegance can be mesmerizing. On this age we will help give you the low down on how to become a runway model, the best ways to break into the industry, and other typical requirements and best practices for up and coming runway models.


First off this is someone who models clothing and accessories, typically while walking down a runway or catwalk in front of fashion processionals.

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People ask us on the regular how to get into runway modeling. Have a phenomenal photo portfolio! Studio1 Modeling Photography can help make sure you have put your best foot


While there are no official requirements, there are a few best practices we can suggest. Always be willing to work with others as a team player.

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Runway models today make a range of incomes based on the brand and experience. Smaller designers may pay from $200 to $1000 per show

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Below is a small sample of runway models you may be familiar with. These models have walked the runway for brands such as Valentino, Versace, Chanel, Moschino

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Remember that your schedule will vary greatly. You are a freelancer, and you may have a busy week one week, and then have few to no gigs after for weeks or months.

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