Find out the history of the famous Hermès Birkin bag.

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Hermès is one of the most well-known and respected high-end fashion brands. One of its high-end items, the iconic Birkin bag, is a must-have for only a very small number of people because it costs thousands of dollars and the company carefully chooses who gets it (a few years ago there was a waiting list to be able to acquire it).

This well-known bag was made when Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the head of Hermès, met by chance on a flight in 1981. Dumas was fascinated by how the actress and singer carried her things in a wicker basket. When asked why, Birkin said she couldn’t find a bag that was both useful and flexible enough for her.

The manager at Hermès then suggested that they work together to make one. This is how the famous Birkin model came to be.

This handcrafted bag is a great investment because it goes up in value over time and is made with high-quality leather and materials.

Did you know the history of the Birkin bag?

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