5 tips to elevate your looks

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Small changes can make a big difference. If you feel like your style is too basic but you don’t want to make a drastic transformation, don’t panic! With very simple tricks it is possible to elevate your style and look fabulous:

1. Choose a monochromatic outfit in a neutral color that can be adapted to any circumstance, such as black, white or nude. The total look stylizes the figure and always stands out.

2. Giving prominence to your shoes can totally transform your look. Opt for shoes that attract attention due to their color or design.

3. Tuck a little of the shirt (only a part, not the whole) inside the skirt or pants so that you look trendy and modern.

4. Roll up your shirtsleeves to the elbow for effortless chic, just like the French wear.

5. Invest in accessories that accentuate basic garments: a maxi necklace, a headband for your hair, designer sunglasses… whatever best suits your personality (don’t wear everything together!)

Dare to give that sophisticated touch to your looks!

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