10 winter fall trends for 2022 and 2023

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Want to be dressed in the latest fashion this season? Take note of these choices to perfect your winter fall wardrobe!

  1. Oversize shoulder pads. Following the trend of extra large blazers, they are an item you can’t miss
  2. Bright colored leather. This material shines with bright colors like yellow, green, red, ping or lilac for a sophisticated look.
  3. Tank top. You can’t be without the simple white shirt that pushed Prada to stardom this winter.
  4. High shank boots. They must go above your knees, pirate style.
  5. Pink is king this season. Mainly in powerful tones like fuchsia or magenta but not leaving behind their paler, pastel counterparts.
  6. 60’s nostalgia is coming back in full force with the use of mini skirts, high necklines and babydoll dresses.
  7. Leather play is becoming more and more mainstream with the use of rigid structures, straps, corsets and latex.
  8. The preppy style, inspired by the classic American high school uniform with its iconic blazers, pleated skirts and v-neck sweaters is coming back in full force.
  9. Knitted dresses are incredibly versatile and comfortable, ideal for every occasion.
  10. Cowboy boots may be a classic but get ready to see them everywhere you go this winter.

What trends will you subscribe to?


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